Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund Business Resuscitation Roadshow

Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund Business Resuscitation Roadshow

Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund business resuscitation roadshow is to help support and grow women-owned small businesses in the Northern Cape.

Female entrepreneurs are the hardest working in the world, not only do they run businesses but households.

Women Entrepreneurs

Women are entrepreneurs, mothers, wives, sisters, friends, advisors, colleagues, pillows of strength, a shoulder to cry on, strong, they here hard-working is appreciated and respected by Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund.

Women Entrepreneurs

Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund Business Resuscitation Roadshow is to give our beneficiaries support to grow as they didn’t close their businesses. When times got hard, they preserved, got out of their comfort zone to turn things around.

They innovated, got creative, went online, tried something new, and for that, we salute our female-owned entrepreneurs and their small businesses.

The roadshow will be at all 5 Districts as follows:

MRKTTF Roadshow

19 October 2020 Namakwa District (Springbok)

20 and 21 October 2020 ZF Mgcawu District (Upington)

22 October 2020 John Taolo Gaetsewe District ( Kuruman)

Frances  Baard District (Kimberley) date will be confirmed

Pixley Ka Seme District (De Aar) date will be confirmed

If you are not yet our client, come and join us to learn more about Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund – Supporting and Promoting Women Entrepreneurship.

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The countdown has started!

Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund Business Resuscitation Roadshow
2018 Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Funds Awards

Application Now Open 2018 Rock Solid Awards

The Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust will be hosting a women enterprise awards with the theme Rock Solid.
The initiative is endorsed by the Northern Cape Office of the Premier since the launch of the first awards in 2016.

The enterprise awards aim to highlight and celebrate the achievements of female entrepreneurs and their contributions towards the development of the local economy, through job creation and equal opportunities within the province.

The competition is there to uplift and encourage women from different areas in the province to continue with entrepreneurship.

We recognize the tireless journey, hard work, outstanding achievements, and vision of Small Business and Entrepreneurial success of Northern Cape women.

This year’s awards will take place on the 28-29th of August 2018 under the theme “Rock Solid” at the Mittah Seperepere Convention Centre in Kimberley, Northern Cape.
The nominations for the awards are currently open with 6 different categories that cover start-ups to more experienced businesses.
The awards will take off with a skills training masterclass on the 28th as women from the respective districts will be descending into Kimberley. The official award ceremony will take place on the 29th of April and will start with a breakfast show where Mme Reka thusa will share success stories with the audience present.

Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund addresses the challenges of women-owned enterprises. By offering the provision of credit for Women Enterprise Development and providing business development services to women enterprises.