Business resuscitation covid19 relief fund roadshow

Business resuscitation covid19 relief fund roadshow

Mmê Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund embarked on a provincial intervention the Business resuscitation roadshow in response to COVID19.

The roadshow currently took place in 4 districts. 

  • 19th  October 2020 Namakwa District at Libra Haal, Bergsig Springbok @ 09h00.
  • 20th October 2020 ZF MQCAWU District at DAWID Kruiper Municpal Grounds @ 9h00
  • 22th  October 2020 John Taolo Gaetsewe District at Gasegonyane                                                         Municipal Ground @11h00
  • 28th October 2020 Frances Baard District at 19 Chapel Street
    Kimberley,  Mmê Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund back grounds.


All the programs started with the small prayer and the program director Mr. Bongani Tekana the new Enterprise Development Manager introduced the stakeholders.


Mmê Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund Provincial Manager Mrs Gladys Motshele explained the purpose of the Business resuscitation show.

Business Resuscitation Roadshow MRKTTF Upington

Mmê Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund’s mandate is to create an environment where Women in small business informal and formal businesses thrive.


When the country was on a hard lock down businesses suffered but informal and start-up small formal businesses were the worst hit. Women had no income therefore were exposed; women abuse in South Africa increased.

Going back to the office we knew we had to help women to get back on their feet to provide for their families.

Mmê Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund created a COVID19 relief fund to informal and formal businesses which received 200 applications from women in business. The COVID19 relief fund is divided into 2 phases the first phase is the equipment and the second phase is stock.


For the 2nd phase there will be a one on one meeting with the district coordinator and enterprise development manager to discuss where one usually buy their

 stock from.

As it didn’t make sense to buy stock and travel all the districts with them in this hot weather. Therefore, that is why the stock purchased need to be able to sustain the business to get your business up and running.

Business resuscitation roadshow intervention includes skills, compliance support, equipment stock, rental infrastructure, etc.

We support female entrepreneurs to thrive through their enterprise development instruments.


Mmê Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund giving a hand up and no longer a handout.

The business resuscitation roadshow is to salute the female entrepreneur’s courage, hard work, and dedication.

Women entrepreneurs, when times got hard, you did not give up, you preserved, you got out of your comfort zone to turn things around.

Business intervention that Mmê Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund did:

  • Namakwa District => 22
  • ZF MQCAWU District => 18
  • John Taolo Gaetsewe District => 36
  • Frances Baard District => 28

Equipment’s handed out:

  • Gazebo Package branded with the business names and contact details to help market the business. The package included (1 Branded gazebo, 2 camp chairs, 1 teardrop, 1 folding table,1 table cloth)
  • Laptop package included laptop bag, laptop, wireless mouse, wireless printer, and a router)
  • IT support
  • Trailer
  • Jojo Tanks
  • Over locker machine
  • Sewing machine
  • Gas Stove
  • Material
  • Rent payment
  • Flat top grill
  • Business branding and Marketing

Mmê Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund no longer giving handouts but giving a hand up to grow your business.

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