Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund- MRKTTF

Services We Offer:

The  Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund   also know as MRKTTF offer the following services:

  • Professional advice service

 Professional advice and guidance- offer advice for business challenges and growth strategies, as well as marketing and financial issues. Assist in the development of a business plan and assess plan for financing.

  • Skills

Practical Skills Development-offer basic skills through training and workshop in a number of essential subject areas required to run a strong and successful business.

  • Networking

Events, workshops and Networking connections-to connect women to other business service providers throughout the province, as well as to networking and peer learning opportunities.

  • Grants & Loans

Provide loans to women owned enterprises. Provide business development grants to women start-up enterprises


  • Provide business development services to women enterprises
  • Facilitate marketing of products and services to women enterprises
  • Support women oriented micro, small and medium enterprises to develop linkages with large enterprises

Types Of Grants Services

Business start-up grant => where a women sole proprietor or group of (3-6) women come up with a viable business idea and do not have the initial start-up capital to operationalize the idea. 

The trust can consider the application for grant funding. 

Registered cooperatives do qualify for the above grant, but they must be available for the pre-mandatory training.

Business resuscitation grant => where a business owned by a woman sole proprietor or group of women (3-6) is in decline due to economic factors beyond their control.

Therefore they need an injection of funds to resuscitate the business, then the trust can consider their application for grant funding.

Income generating project grant=>  this grant is only for a group of women (3-6) with a thriving business idea and wants to start it as a project but do not have the capital to initiate it.

The project should be also approved by the municipality for the trust to consider the application for grant funding. 

NOTE: All applicants have to attend compulsory training and be able to produce an implementation plan for their envisaged business.

Grants will only be approved and disbursed for use for start-up businesses, which may be a sole proprietor or a group of women (3-6) with a viable business idea.

Types Of Loans Services

  • Bridging finance/Working capital loan=>  this is a short term loan that is provided to an enterprise to finance working capital needs such as to purchase stock or for operating overhead.
  • It is provided to an enterprise that has secured a firm contract or Order as it allows the enterprise to meet current obligations by providing immediate cash flow.
  • Business start-up finance=>  this type of loan is provided to women who have a viable business idea. The purpose of the loan is to assist them to actualize the business idea for their economic benefit.
  • In this case, a proper business plan with detailed market research and financial projections must be presented by the loan applicant.
  • Business expansion finance=> this relates to loan advanced to an existing business that wants to expand its operations.
  • A crucial requirement is the financial statements of the business as well as the business plan and a detailed budget break down of the loan amount required for expansion.
  • Business asset finance=> is a type of loan advanced to an existing enterprise to enable it to acquire an asset to improve operational effectiveness and efficiency, thereby increasing the profitability of the business.

The Qualifying Criteria

• Unemployed women with a viable business idea

•Be willing to work either in a small group of(3-6)and must all be actively involved in the operations of the business

• Members of the group must be historically disadvantaged persons

• The grant will be used solely for business

• The business must be viable and capable of self-sustaining after the injection of the grant

• All the members of the group must be committed to pre-mandatory business skills training

When the group is ready to start their business, they will then receive a grant of between R20 000,00 – R50 000,00 contributed towards start-up costs. Grant business induction training shall be for 16 hours over 4 days period.

The grant business induction training shall cover the following topics:
    • Basic financial management
    • Basic business concepts and business management
    • Group dynamics and management
    • Conflict management and resolution

To apply visit your district, Where should i go?

Business loans and grant funding- these services are provided throughout the province by district coordinators based at our strategic partner’s offices.

Pixley Ka Seme District Coordinator is based at the Transnet Enterprise HUB in De Aar

John Taole Gaetsewe District Coordinator is based at the Department of Agriculture in Mothibistad

The Namakwa and ZF Mqcawu District Coordinators are based at SEDA branch offices.

John Taolo Gaetsewe District

061 438 7951

Namaqwa District

061 440 9204

Pixley Ka Seme District

061 437 9847

ZF Mqcawu District

061 443 0793

Frances Baard District

 (053) 831 4583