Access To Market Using Technology

JTG Women Entrepreneur Bootcamp

JTG 2021/2022 Bootcamp

The JTG women entrepreneur Bootcamp will take place on the 1s quarter.  

Theme: Access to market using technology post-COVID-19

Sharpening women digital skills

 “Enhancing Income growth among Small and Micro Women Entrepreneurs through technology”


Mmê Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund is the only initiative by the Northern Cape Government, that has been instrumental in the promotion of women’s economic empowerment. 

MRKTTF provides accessible, affordable credit, grants, and non-financial support services. We assist in starting and expanding businesses for sustainable livelihood.

It has been a year since the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded and we now look ahead to the serious work of rebooting our communities and our economies for a better, more sustainable, and equitable post-pandemic world.  

Mmê Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund Women Entrepreneur Bootcamp 2021, will be held under the theme “Access to market using technology post-COVID-19.”  

Access To Market Using Technology

Post Covid-19, digital technology has become a lifeline for millions around the world, and a critical tool to cope with the crisis and its aftermath. It is now or never; Women Entrepreneurs need to be digitally empowered. Today technology is a core part of everyday life. 

Almost every day we use smartphones, tablets, and computers to search for information, navigate to new places, pay bills and connect with our family and friends. The number of digital tools at our disposal is endless, however, many women are still struggling digitally. Smartphones offer a range of new ways to communicate, network, and learn. If women don’t know how to utilize digital tools, their businesses will suffer. It is therefore important to build capacities through skills training and complement that with digital equipment.


Objectives of the JTG women entrepreneur Bootcamp 

  • ICT interventions that are directed at economically empowering women capitalize on the potential of these technologies as knowledge and networking tools for women as producers and distributors of goods and services. 
  • To connect women to new and wider markets, broaden their social networks and provide them with information that opens up important economic opportunities.
  • Provide required training and mentoring in digital space;
  •  Provide digital tools to beneficiaries of the Bootcamp

Request for Partnerships / Sponsorships JTG women entrepreneur Bootcamp 

We don’t only want the women entrepreneurs capacitated, but we want them to have resources with relevant Information Communication Technology package which includes software program laptop, WI-FI router, Smartphone, Printer, etc.

We look forward to this partnership which will allow us to facilitate and create a wide-ranging positive economic and social impact in the form of job creation, skills development, and investment in Women’s Small businesses.

Apply to be part of the JTG 2021/2022 Bootcamp

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Upcoming Makeup Artists Supported

Upcoming Makeup Artists Supported

On the 21st of October 2020, Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund (MRKTTF) called upcoming makeup artists to help them start or grow their makeup business.

Makeup workshop 1 took place on the 4th of November 2020 at Tamsin’s Beauty Lounge, Kimberley.

MRKTTF Wprkshop1

There was an overwhelming amount of people who were interested in the workshop. We only had limited space.
We decided to start with Dikgatlong, Phokwane, and Magareng Local Municipality. Sol Plaatje municipality will follow.
The will be other workshops depending on the availability of the service provider.

The winner of the first makeup workshop is Joy Nomhle Raadt.

JMRKTTF Workshop 1 Winner oy

Joy won a spray and 2 shimmer dust from Tamsin’s Beauty Lounge.
Joy is a 26-year-old self-taught make artist. Originally from Eastern Cape (Middleburg)moved to Kimberley in 2010 and completed high school in 2013 at Northern Cape High School.
In 2017, she started a wig/hair business and later in the year fell in love with makeup.

Watching YouTube tutorials daily, she made it her mission to learn everything she needs to do makeup artistry, and she never looked back ever since.
Joy currently is based in Delportshoop, Dikgatlong Local Municipality.
Today, Joy gives clients makeovers for weddings, matric dance, baby shower, etc.

Here is some of Joy’s work.

Joy's Work
Joy's Work on Clients

Joy said," God willing, in the next few years, I see myself as a well-known makeup artist with a booming business known not only in a small town but other cities as well."

MRKTTF supporting upcoming makeup artist with:

  •  Makeup masterclass R400
  • Brushes R420
  • Makeup Box R1 500
  • Gift Voucher R300

MRKTTF assists aspirant entrepreneurs who want to own businesses but, they do not know how and where to start. We take passion, hobby, or skill and turn it into a business.

Sometimes you do not go to school to learn how to run a small business but, you have a business. That is where MRKTTF comes in to assist you, to take you to step by step in your business journey.

Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund helps small businesses to grow their businesses so that they can grow and join the economy of the province and the country.

“Whether you are doing makeup out of a hobby or passion they are things you can do and things you can’t do. They are consequences that can ruin your reputation as a makeup artist.

Photos of the MRKTTF Workshop 1

Advise by the Provincial Manager Mrs. Gladys Motshele:

  • Always advise the clients to go for facial testing at Dischem, Clicks, Foschini, Truworths, Edgars. etc. The skin testing of what is going to react on you your skin and what is not.
  • At your own time, at your own cost, at your own pace. Learn how to test people’s skin, and test the makeup foundation you must use on different skin colors.
  • Let clients bring the makeup they use or make them sign an indemnity form that protects you if their skin reacts to the makeup you used on them.
  •   Collaboration is very important, make partnerships with other makeup artists. Some can be excellent in eyeshades, contouring, overlining, etc. 
  • Every day try to check one or two things about your industry.
  • Research the does and don’t about the makeup and beauty industry.
  • The moment you open the business bank account, take out public reliability insurance. When you are running a business, you are running it for the public. Protect yourself and your business

If you don’t know the cost of your makeup and how many people your makeup can accommodate.

It means you like what you are doing but on the administrative business side. You don’t know what you are doing!

Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund- Supporting and Promoting Women Entrepreneurship contact us to assist you with non-financial and financial support.

MRKTTF follow the passion of an individual woman and support it because we want to see you grow.

Photos of the Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund Makeup Handover