Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund(MRKTTF) Board Members

Chairperson Mme Thandi Masenge ZFM-districtChairperson Mme Thandi Masenge ZFM-district

Mme Thandi Masenge

Chairperson, ZFM District

Board Of Trustees

Mme Edith Mqikela Trustee PKS district

Mme Edith Mqikela

PKS District

Board Of Trustees

Mme Maggie Louw Trustee FB District

Mme Maggie Louw

FB District

Board Of Trustees

Mme Patricia Makgoka Trustee ZFM district

Mme Patricia Makgoka

ZFM District

Board Of Trustees

Mme Tsholo Majeng Trustee JTG district

Mme Tsholo Majeng

JTG District

Board Of Trustees

Mme Ethel Cloete Trustee Namakwa district

Mme Ethel Cloete

Namakwa District

Board Of Trustees

Mme Estel Bezuindenhoudt Trustee ZFM district

Mme Estel Bezuindenhoudt

ZFM District

Board of Trustees

Management of Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund

Mrs Gladys Motshele

Mrs Gladys Motshele

Provincial Manager

(Lady boss)
 The Provincial Manager of MRKTTF
She is responsible for making major strategic decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of the organization, acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors and corporate operations and being the public face of the MRKTTF.
With Gladys, busy schedule, she makes use of Personal Assistance services to keep up with her schedule and diary.
Rre Asvoel Financial Manager

Mr Vusi Asvoel

Chief Finance Officer(CFO)


Vusi, is responsible for the planning, implementation, managing and running of all the finance activities of the organization, including budgeting, forecasting and negotiations. 

He is also responsible for obtaining and maintaining investor relations and partnership compliance. All this in view to support women entrepreneurs through loans and grants.


Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund District Coordinators

ZF Mqcawu District Co-ordinator=>  Donavan Mlaza   CELL: 061 443 0793   EMAIL:

Pixley Ka Seme District Co-ordinator=> Liliwe Phongolo  CELL: 061 437 9847   EMAIL:

Namakwa District Co-ordinator=> Brandon Raymond  CELL: 061 440 9204   EMAIL:

John Taolo Gaetsewe District Co-ordinator=>  Dineo Mecwi  CELL: 061 438 7951 EMAIL:

Frances Baard District Co-ordinator=> Pako Diphapo PHONE: (053) 831 4583  EMAIL:


Donavan Mlaza

ZF Mqcawu District Co-ordinator

CELL: 061 443 0793



Liliwe Phongolo

Pixley Ka Seme District Co-ordinator

CELL: 061 437 9847


Brandon Raymond

Namakwa District Co-ordinator

CELL: 061 440 9204


Dineo Mecwi

John Taolo Gaetsewe District Co-ordinator

CELL: 061 438 7951


Pako Diphapo

Frances Baard District Co-ordinator

TEL: 053 831 4583


Ms. Windy Hottie

PA- Personal Assistance
She keeps Gladys sane to make sure she does not double book herself by running her diary. All appointments for strategic partnerships, proposals, events, etc. are done here.

Mr. Puso Ntehelang

Finance Clerk
Puso is responsible for preparing and processing all financial documents, updating and maintaining the database, financial records, tracking and monitoring financial transactions, and funding procurements.

Mrs Moira Ferris

Enterprise Development Admin
She’s also a direct support to the District Coordinators, analyse and process applications, support and monitoring, organise trainings and ED events as well as debt collection.​

Ms Mercia Molelekwa

Mercy (Face of MRKTTF) She will greet you with the most beautiful smile you will ever find and direct you to the relevant person. That is the beautiful team behind MRKTTF, and they are ready to serve and assist you.

Mrs. Mirriam Brenda Letshabo

Office Caregiver
Brenda(Sis B) She's the backbone of the MRKTTF. Sis B makes sure when you enter our offices you never want to leave that is how organized, clean, and fresh it is.

Mr. Thami Dudley Oliphant

IT Intern
(Thami - The Tech guy) makes sure all the Trust's IT systems are up and running at all times.