Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund Beneficiaries


Total Loans Applications 1355 in the 6 years from 2013 to 2019.

Total of 173 loans distributed.

161 beneficiaries including 12 repeat beneficiaries.

52% (84 out of 161) loan recipients were interviewed and surveyed.

In total, 1 355 loan applications an average of 250 loans per year, from its re-establishment to date, reflecting a high demand for these types of loans and high interest in entrepreneurship by women in the Northern Cape Province.


Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund awarded 147 unconditional grants to  77 deserving micro-enterprises amounting to R3.7 million to women-owned enterprises including:

    • R752,862 was spent on the informal trader support program where selected female informal traders were granted a gazebo package which included a branded gazebo, a table, and four chairs; in addition to this,the informal trader was boosted with trading stock.
    • 56 Women benefited from this program.
    • R401,367 was invested on women’s driver license initiative from 88 women enrolled 58 women successfully obtained their driver’s licenses.
    • R265,528 was spent on an enterprise developmet programme where 20 sewing machine and 4 embroidery machines were purchsed for 2 co-opretavives  and 12 sole proprietors. 
    • Basic sewing classes were provided which included tailoring, cutting, pattern making skills etc.