Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund Provincial Manager
About Us

Supporting Women Entrepreneurship Since 2006

Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund (MRKTTF) was established
by the Northern Cape Government to assist women in starting and growing their businesses.

It is one of the strategies of addressing women unemployment, to be achieved  through provision of credit and equipping the women with appropriate skills to creatively engage in economically viable activities. MRKTTF is governed by appointed board of Trustees by the premier who is the patron of the Trust.

The mandate of the trust is to develop women entrepreneurship in the Northern Cape Province by providing:

    • Credit: offer interests free business loans up to R150 000 and Grant funding up to R50 000
    •  Professional advice and Guidance:
    • (a) offer advice for business challenges and growth strategies, as well as marketing and financial issues.
      (b) to assist in the development of a business plan and assess plan for financing
    • Practical Skills Development: offer basic business skills through training and workshops in a number of essential subject areas required to run a strong and successful business;
    • Events, workshops and Networking Connections: to connect women to other business service providers throughout the province, as well as to networking and peer learning opportunities.
Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund [MRRTTF]

Mission, Vision & Values


To ensure that activities of the Trust are conducted with optimum efficiency and utmost integrity to maximize long term economic benefits for the women of the Northern Cape.


A sustainable and growing Northern Cape Women Enterprise Development Fund.


The Trust subscribes to the following values.


We undertake to act morally and ethically in the course of carrying out our operations and we shall always observe principles of Batho Pele in dealing with clients/customers and or beneficiaries.


We believe in resourceful and creative pool of staff to diligently deliver quality service.


We believe in the generation of creative and innovative ideas for the attainment of the Trust Fund mandate

Accountability and transparency: we will always be answerable to the stakeholder and partners through public meetings platform. We undertake to promote access to information.

Objective of the Mme Re Ka Trust Trust Fund:

    • To create a fund from which both the capital and income will be utilized, without any contemplation of any profits as such, for the benefit, welfare, maintenance, improvement and development of any group of Historically Disadvantaged South Africans, with specific reference to women, with regard to Women Economic Empowerment;
    • The Trust shall also actively encourage, train and promote persons, who in the opinion of the Trustees show entrepreneurial potential to establish community
    • Liaised businesses, thereby encouraging employment opportunities primarily for persons domiciled and resident on the Northern Cape Province;
    •  Maintaining effective financial control, without necessarily taking Business plan route, but with the intervention of mentors so duly appointed and/or the Chief Executive of the Trust and/or any other person so designated, to interrogate the business idea and assist where necessary for the Trust to achieve its objectives.
Thank you for your support

Sponsors and Organizations We Worked With

Solar Capital
Standard Bank
Office of the Premier
Northern Cape Economic Development and Tourism

Honorable Mr Zamani Saul (Premier of the Northern Cape)

Premier of the Northern Cape

Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund is the entity of government. MRKTTF reports through the office of the Premier, who is the patron of the Trust. The 1st patron of Mme Re KA Thusa Trust Fund was Mme Dipuo Peters, as it is the tradition all premiers to be the patrons of the Trust, from the first patron to date.
MRKTTF has had the following Honorable premier’s as patrons:
Ms. Dipuo Peters
Ms. Hazel Jenkins
Ms. Grizelda Cjikella Letsholo
Ms. Sylvia Lucas
Mr. Zamani Saul

MRKTTF has the following mandates;

Mme Re KA thusa Trust Fund was established with a core mandate of economically empowering the Northern Cape Women through enterprise development and

• Facilitate easy access to business finance
• Provision affordable loans for women enterprises
• Provision of subsidized credit for enterprise development.
• Capacity building of women beneficiaries
• Support and facilitate marketing of goods and services produced by women entrepreneurs
• Support and facilitate development of linkages between women owned enterprises and big companies.

Over the years of its existence, MRKTTF has transformed from its traditional approach of merely funding and it has incorporated Enterprise

• Development holistically and professionalized services:
• Business management training
• Business planning
• Financial management training

Governance of Mme Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund is guided by the Public Finance Management Act, No. 1 of 1999 (PFMA), andadhere to King III Report on Governance for South Africa

TRUSTEES Mmê Re Ka Thusa Trust Fund Board of Trustees is constituted by 7 women with wide range of skills and knowledge necessary to meet strategic objectives.