Business to start with no money

3 Businesses that you can start with no money

Starting a business with no capital may seem impossible, I know right. But how can you do that? You may ask, with a little research and planning is very much possible. We are going to give you five businesses you can start with no money.

Businesses differ so is their business model some businesses are:

  • High-cost business model
  • Medium-cost business model
  • low-cost business model
  • No-cost business model

Now, depending on your financial situation is best to start a business that has a low or no-cost business model.

Yard cleaning and gardening

Have you seen at people’s yards lately?

The regular rain people’s yards are dirty, but people are skeptical to hire people to come to clean their yards, but they would rather trust companies that can take responsibility if anything gets stolen. 

Think about it if you charge a monthly premium of R50 – R1 000 depending on your location. You can get a monthly fee of about 

R2 500( R50 X 50 Clients) for small communities and R10 000 (R500 x 20 clients) for clients with bigger yards.

I’m not even talking about cleaning the houses but just the yard alone!!!

Admin assistance

Small businesses especially solopreneurs need help.

Have you seen an office of an entrepreneur?

 By just getting five clients that you can help with their admin, and they pay a monthly fee for you to just organize their documents and type.

When you start a business that is admin assistance you just need clients that you can help with their admin. 

 How can you start an admin assistance business?

Start by getting the first 5 clients for you to understand what small businesses need help with. 

After building a system that works for you and your client. To grow your business you can train college students who need to be placed for 18 months of practical work in management assistance. You can continue to grow your business to virtual assistance. 


One of the mistakes we make as entrepreneurs is seeing money coming in and we think we are making money. Start-up and small businesses can’t afford a booker from a big business. If you can approve 5-10 clients to do their bookkeeping you will be taking huge stress off their shoulders.

You can be able to make things simple to the client like how much they made a month, their expenses. Are they running their businesses at a loss, or do they need to revisit their pricing.

The are many more businesses that you can start with little to no money like:

  • Babysitting
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design
  • Marketing 
  • Consulting
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Influencer
  • Photography
  • Videography


Did you start you business with low to no money comment below how did you do it?

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