2019 ZF Mgcawu District Women Entrepreneurship Summit

2013 ZF Mgcawu District Women Entrepreneurship Summit

ZF Mgcawu District Women Entrepreneurship Summit

The Mme Reka Thusa Trust Fund in partnership with the ZF Mgcawu District Municipalities, GCIS, its strategic partners SEDA and NOCCI.

The Northern Cape Province hosted a Women Entrepreneurial Economic Empowerment Summit for women business owners and entrepreneur aspirants, to address the critical challenges they face.

Avail information on opportunities and interventions initiated by the government and other key stakeholders and a need to move the women’s business agenda, to the next level in the district.

Premier of the Northern Cape at Women Summit

The Premier of the Northern Cape, Me Sylvia Lucas, delivered the Keynote Address at the opening of the Economic Summit.

She encouraged women to take their rightful place in society. The Premier encouraged women to actively participate in our economy and seize the opportunities that our democracy offers.

In conclusion, she said that “South Africa will never be free until women of South Africa are free”.

Northern Cape SMME'S

250 SMME’s from all over the district attend the three days from 17-19 September 2013.
Economic Summit and allow them with the opportunity to engage stakeholders such as SARS, SEDA, IDC, SEFA, DTI, Standard Bank, and the Mme Reka Thusa Trust Fund.

Reinette, a woman in business from Upington said,

It is up to us, to use the information and opportunities available, to grow and expand our business”.

Women In Business In Upington

Women in business were now informed about the opportunities Government created for them, and will be able to grow their business.

To eventually make a meaningful contribution to our growing economy. Similar Women Entrepreneurship Summits will be held throughout the Northern Cape and will culminate in a Provincial Summit.

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